SB21-125 | Alternate Proposals Air Quality Control Rulemaking is intended to prevent public participation in the rulemaking process. The bill was heard on 3/9 by the Senate Transportation and Energy Committee, and there was a surprising amount of legislative support—notably by Rachel Zenzinger, the swing vote on the committee. Despite the fact that Colorado Communities for Climate Action, Colorado Municipal League, Environmental Defense Fund, Sierra Club, the Colorado Coalition for a Livable Climate, and even the Air Pollution Control Division itself testified in opposition and only two people on behalf of oil and gas testified in support, the bill is laid over for further amendments because the committee seems to think the bill has value. We must convince them it does not (see our rationale for opposing below) and its passage will thwart the planned rulemaking by the Air Quality Control Commissions/Air Pollution Control Division to devise new procedures for public participation in rulemakings. Please write the committee members and write your own state senators and ask them to oppose this bill! Committee member emails are as follows:

Chair, Faith Winter:

Vice Chair, Brittany Petterson: 

Kerry Donovan: 

Rachel Zenzinger: 

Don Coram: 

Dennis Hisey: 

Ray Scott:

To find your State Senator’s e-address, visit

CCLC Rationale for Opposing: Intended to stifle or prevent public participation. Requires hiring consultants and legal staff, hold public meetings and provide thorough economic impact analysis just to offer an alternate proposal to a rule. Written by dirty energy lawyers to prevent CCLC member orgs from offering improved approaches to a rule or rules. This is a ‘message’ bill designed to pit O&G and RE Developers against local land use/zoning and against public health & safety.