“Developing and advocating strategies to reduce Colorado’s greenhouse gas emissions to levels supportive of a livable climate”


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President Trump has withdrawn the United States from the Paris climate agreement—the most comprehensive international effort to fight global warming.

Make Trump irrelevant! Send a letter or email to your state & city elected officials, including your governor now!!

Ask of them: Fight climate change by agreeing to join the Paris climate agreement!

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News Wire

Critics say Hickenlooper’s clean energy pledge falls short of needed climate action

Published in the Colorado Independent on March 30, 2017

Donald Trump wants to eliminate the Clean Power Plan. Hickenlooper says Colorado will press on — but environmental experts say even that won’t be enough to fight climate change.

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Denver Post and Senator Scott Both Wrong on Climate Action

Published in the Denver Post on December 31, 2016

Senator Ray Scott’s guest commentary and The Post’s editorial on December 24th run the limited gamut of Colorado power-elite thinking on climate action.  Senator Scott is an outright climate change denier, while The Post expresses support for Governor John Hickenlooper’s recent draft executive order, which addresses power-sector CO2 emissions only.

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Divestment vs. Pricing Carbon

Published in the Denver Post on December 24, 2016

If, as the Independent Petroleum Association of America insists, DU’s prospective divestment of its endowment fund from the top 200 fossil-fuel companies is only a “symbolic gesture” that would not affect the price of energy industry stocks, one might well wonder why the IPAA is expending so much effort and money to “launch a counter-attack” against students and others advocating for that divestment. Methinks they doth protest too much!

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