Please send a short note to the Xcel Board of Directors and Governor Polis telling them to close the Unit 3 coal plant in Pueblo now.  Short and very short messages are fine.  You can either just send the message in all caps immediately below or use some of the talking points below that to add to your message.  E-addresses appear below the talking points.


(This is the coal plant that Xcel insensitively calls “Comanche 3”–never mind that the Comanche people almost certainly don’t want a coal plant named after them!) 

  • Pueblo Unit 3 (PU3) is Colorado’s single largest source of carbon dioxide
  • Climate change is real and serious (Perhaps mention the IPCC report, the Southwest’s worst drought in over 1000 years, the Marshall Fire, etc etc).
  • The PU3 coal plant is down now–it doesn’t make sense to fix a coal plant given the seriousness of the climate crisis–just retire it now!
  • It doesn’t make sense to rely on an extremely unreliable coal plant for reliability reasons (Search Comanche 3 Unreliable for lots of stories…) 
  • It is BEYOND UNCONSCIONABLE to profit from a coal plant in the 21st century (Xcel seems to be largely driven by a desire to harvest as much profit as it can from their imprudent decision to build the Pueblo Unit 3 coal plant!!) 

Again–Short and very short messages are fine–we just need Xcel and Governor Polis to know that we are watching and don’t want this coal plant on our conscience!! 

Here are the e-addresses:

1) Xcel Board of Directors:

2) CC Governor Polis (who should use his position to ask Xcel to close PU3):

3) BCC Leslie Glustrom, who will pass your letters on to the other organizers of this campaign.