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TAKE ACTION: Sign and add your organization to this important Colorado petition to stop polluters during COVID-19

LOCATION: Not Applicable to this Action – on your computer

DATE AND TIME: As Soon As Possible

WHAT TO DO:   Please sign yourself and your group onto an online statewide petition calling for polluting oil and gas operations to be shut down at least for 30 days and until Coronavirus is contained. As one might expect, pollution has been linked with worse outcomes and susceptibility to COVID19. Here is the online petition for all of our groups to co-sponsor and share with our supporters: https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/take-action-protect-air-quality-during-a-respiratory-pandemic-2?clear_id=true.

To be listed as a co-sponsor of the petition, your group needs to sign up on Action Network (if you haven’t already). Here’s a link for how to do that – only takes ~2 minutes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WhiOwqZBuOge4ytumZiy3dHfWdcWt7QIkvS5ucIu144/edit.

Then let Micah Parkin (micah@350colorado.org) know your group is on Action Network and wants to join, and she’ll send you a co-sponsor invitation.