SUMMARY:  Dozens of young Colorado Sunrise activists were arrested at the State Capitol on Jan 9th for peacefully demonstrating for a livable future and calling for much more serious climate action by Governor Polis and Colorado’s leaders. Thank goodness for young people who refuse to be complacent in the face of climate suicide bequeathed by the ruling generation! Now these courageous activists need our help with the financial costs of bail and legal defense.

BACKSTORY:  On Jan 9th, Sunrise Colorado held a peaceful demonstration outside Governor Polis’ State of the State address, inside the Capitol building. Youth activists gathered to ask Polis to declare a climate emergency, end fracking, and launch a Green New Deal for Colorado.

Their asks of Governor Polis?
1. Declare a Climate Emergency
2. Immediately stop fracking at Bella Romero
3. Stop all fossil fuel development in Colorado by 2025
4. Cease all new oil and gas permits
5. Ensure a just transition that prioritizes marginalized populations suffering most from climate injustice

THE RESPONSE:  Instead, 38 activists were arrested for peacefully protesting their right to good jobs and a liveable future!!!

Colorado Politics reported on the demonstration and arrests:
Protesters disrupt Gov. Jared Polis’ State of the State address

DONATE:  Please help with the legal costs for these brave young people who put their bodies on the line.  Anything will be gratefully accepted.  Thank you!