The group “Colorado Rising” submitted language in late December for a statewide ballot initiative to help protect our communities’ health and safety from fracking by establishing 2500’ buffer zones around occupied buildings, such as homes and schools, and vulnerable areas, such as playgrounds and water sources. (Here’s a story that Boulder Weekly recently published about it.)

Here’s how you can help to make this coalition effort to protect Colorado communities a success: Show your support today by signing this online Pledge to Sign and share it with friends! Then Colorado Rising will email you a signing location when it’s time to sign the actual petitions.

Here’s why: Health studies show negative adverse health impacts such as cancer, difficulty breathing, low birth weights and birth defects within 1/2 mile from fracking operations, which is why we need to increase the distance from these operations from our neighborhoods. Right now fracking is permitted 500′ from a home and 1,000′ from a school! This is not safe and must change.

Click here to Pledge to Sign – for common sense health and safety protections for our neighborhoods. (Read on below for more background info.)