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Colorado Candidate Questionnaires on Climate and Clean Energy

Updated on October 16th, 2020

The Colorado Coalition for a Livable Climate asked Colorado General Assembly and Congressional candidates where they stand on issues related to climate protection and clean energy.  As of early October, 75 General Assembly candidates and eight Congressional candidates who are on the ballot this November have responded to questions asking them to rate the urgency of addressing climate change, state whether they would sign on to the “No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge”, and declare their support or opposition to a number of state and national level climate policy initiatives.  We’ve posted the results, and hope they will be helpful as people make up their minds who to support in the general election.

Click here for a link that will allow you to save an Excel file containing Colorado General Assembly (State House of Representatives and Senate) candidate responses, and click here for a link that will allow you to save an Excel File containing Congressional (Federal House of Representatives and Senate) candidate responses.  A link to find your Colorado House, Senate, and Federal House District is provided in each file.  Please note that many of the candidates’ “optional additional comments” will need to be viewed by increasing the row height of the formula bar.  And please be sure to vote by November 3rd!


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  1. Skip Edwards

    Many words are being thrown about, by government officials and organizations, regarding human caused climate change which are doing not much but wasting precious time if this crises is to stand a chance of being solved. Science has been sounding the alarm regarding fossil fuel use for at least a half a century; albeit, originally the alarm was that we were going to deplete these resources. As always, though, Big Money buys off Big Politicians and Wall Street uncaringly prospers at our demise. We will need a revolution of ideas, or we will have a revolution of arms. One or the other is hopefully coming or all life on Earth dies.

    “My Energy Ideas:
    Here are some ideas I have re climate change and how we can start a plan to hopefully begin real action to save ‘ourselves’ from what is certainly going to be a bleak future for our children. Thanks, Skip

     I would like to see a platform, win or lose, that includes closing at least half of all overseas military bases and out posts along with a credible reduction of the MIC budget and that money spent on repairing our long neglected infrastructure and, secondly, using any remaining funds on a public healthcare for all plan. Next, a significant tax on all incomes of over (you set the amount) of in the neighborhood of 70+%, money to be used for social programs. And, most importantly, the Nationalization of all fossil fuel and uranium resources, profits from the sale of which would go directly towards renewable energy R & D; and, an  additional tax on the profits from all energy producing industries which would go towards subsidizing the installation of renewable engery distribution and installation on homes and businesses. In addition there would be a progressive tax placed on all end users of fossil fuel produced energy, including personal and commercial transportation. The resources I mention belong to the people of our country and should be used to try and overcome the fast approaching climate disaster which will affect the entire world instead of further enriching already rich people; rich beyond the imaginations of most. A part of “our” platform must also include a wholehearted message that we will do our very best to include all climate scientists in a coordinated effort and scientific program to work on yet to be discovered ways to produce non-polluting energy. Climate is the world’s number one problem and endless wars are stealing our ability to come together as one people in order to save ourselves and all other life on Earth!
      I hope this can somehow make it’s way to those in positions of leadership to assist in using in their own ideas.
    Skip Edwards
    590 Chipeta Dr
    Ridgway, CO 81432

    • Kevin Cross

      Thank you, Skip. Have you shared this with your Senate and House District candidates? If not, I would encourage you to do so.

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