Published in the Denver Post on August 13th, 2019

Re: “Pollution tax is not ready for prime time,” Aug. 11 editorial

The Denver Post’s editorial states it would make more sense to work with all Xcel energy customers on the Front Range to come up with a regional solution. I am part of Resilient Denver. We have a Citizen-led Initiative for a ballot measure similar to Denver City Council’s.

What do I believe? I believe the science. Science clearly tells us the climate crisis is worsening, and CO2 levels are rising more rapidly than we hoped. We are conducting a worldwide, uncontrolled experiment. The outcome is at best terrible, and at worst catastrophic, depending on where one lives, how much money one has, and when we curb emissions. We are just realizing as a society solving this problem will cost money, between one and two per cent of GDP. The longer we wait, the more it will cost. A regional solution would take years to craft. Denver needs to lead and move forward now.

Marc Alston, Denver