Please submit written testimony to members of the House Energy and Environment Committee in support of HB21-1269: PUC Study of Community Choice Energy before it is heard in committee on Thursday, April 29th. A sample letter, committee member contact information, and a fact sheet on the bill follow:

  1. Sample Letter (please personalize)

Subject:  Please vote ‘yes’ on HB21-1269 (PUC Study of Community Choice Energy)

Dear <Committee Member>,

I am writing to urge your ‘yes’ vote on HB21-1269, “PUC Study of Community Choice Energy,” when it is heard in Committee on April 29.

This bill would authorize a PUC investigation of a promising energy policy that would allow communities to choose their wholesale electricity supplier, while the utility continues to own and operate its distribution system and deliver electricity.  

Communities have their own local energy goals and priorities, and they deserve an opportunity to learn whether CCE might offer them a path to achieve their energy goals, whether those goals involve:

  • procuring cleaner energy faster,
  • lower electricity rates,
  • locally-relevant energy programs,
  • local energy generation, or
  • local economic development and jobs.

This bill does not authorize CCE.  It is only a study bill and does not change the status quo.  Communities deserve an opportunity to learn more about this promising energy option.

Please vote ‘yes’ on HB21-1269.  Thank you!

2. Members of the House Energy and Environment Committee are:

3. Fact sheet on the bill for download: