At State Land Board’s March 13 meeting, the Board will consider two fossil fuel-related resolutions, both of which should be opposed. See

At Tab 8 (PDF 164), the Board will consider a resolution to auction 5000+ acres for oil and gas. Four of the leases are in the Denver/Weld non-attainment area. CPW includes numerous recommendations for NSO for certain parts of the parcels, given the presence of important habitat for numerous species (pronghorn, burrowing owls, prairie chickens). See PDF 175-180.

In addition, the proposal at Tab 10 (PDF 192) states: In April 2019, the Board approved a 5-year reduction of the royalty rate on surface coal mining Lease SM-102407 held by Trapper Mining Inc (Trapper Mining) from 12.5% to 8%. The royalty reduction aligned the Board’s lease royalty rate with the royalty rate for surface coal mining on nearby federal lands. Staff is recommending that the Board extend the reduced royalty rate for an additional 5-years.

See the following letter – signed on to by the CCLC – for language if you want to provide comments.

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