This past week 350 Colorado and the Fossil Free PERA campaign teamed up with allies in Canada to call out harmful fossil fuel investments made by both Colorado and Canadian pension funds that are directly and adversely impacting Colorado communities.

Colorado’s pension fund Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA), which manages the pensions of half a million current and former state employees, is investing Coloradans’ public money in problematic fossil fuel companies such as Suncor and Extraction Oil and Gas, both under scrutiny for harming local communities through dangerous pollution violations, particularly near lower income communities and communities of color.

To highlight the negative impacts of these investments, 350 CO and Fossil Free PERA launched a video from impacted Coloradans to PERA members, which was highlighted in last week’s Boulder Weekly article. You can watch the video and share here:

Here’s how you can take action now:

· Call on PERA to invest public funds in ways that are not only financially viable long-term, but also support the public good. Send a letter to PERA here, calling on PERA to protect Coloradans’ health and safety by curbing fossil fuel investments. Send your letter now and share with your networks:

· Learn more about the issue and share: Check out the Fossil Free PERA website at

Please join in calling on PERA Board, leadership and staff to curb fossil fuel investments that are harming public health and fueling the climate crisis, to tackle climate-related financial risk and begin the process of divesting from fossil fuels, and to proactively plan for the energy transition to renewable energy. Our public money should not be invested in companies which are adversely impacting our public health and safety.

With gratitude,

Deborah and the 350 Colorado Team