Support Fracking Safety Setbacks this Election! Here’s How You Can Help


Takes Place: through October

We have just a few weeks left until statewide ballots are mailed, and we need your help to make sure that Colorado Rising Proposition #112 for 2,500’ safer setbacks between fracking and our homes, schools, playgrounds and water sources wins this November!

In polling, 69% of Colorado voters support 2,500’ setbacks, so we have a very strong lead! Nevertheless, your help is much needed to counteract deceptive oil and gas PR propaganda and scare tactics to dissuade voters.

Here’s how you can help:

Canvassing door-to-door in your neighborhood and flyering! (You can check out upcoming canvassing opportunities here):

Phone banking! You can get plugged in here:

Writing Letters to the Editor

Donate! We need to raise over 1 million dollars to make this campaign a success and every dollar counts. You can donate here:

Finally, please share why you care about this issue on social media!