Saturday Rally, October 13

Join Colorado Rising, 350 Colorado, Our Children’s Trust and Earth Guardians this Saturday October 13th at The Colorado State Capitol at 2pm as part of the Global Frackdown.
We will be rallying to protect Colorado from the Dangers of fracking. The rally will support the Martinez vs COGCC Case and Proposition 112 for 2500 ft oil and gas setbacks. RSVP to the Facebook event here:  Colorado State Capitol 200 E Colfax Ave, Ste 136, Denver, Colorado 80203

Date and Time Action Takes Place: Saturday Oct. 13th 2:00 pm

The Colorado state Government has failed to protect health and safety when it comes to fracking and has never rejected a well permit. With more than 15 explosions last year and an average 2 spills a day in Colorado, it’s clear something must be done. Their plan? To do absolutely nothing since our current climate outlook is so bleak. But just because our planet is broken doesn’t mean we don’t try to fix it.

In 2014 Our Children’s Trust and Colorado Earth Guardians filed suit against the state government for failing to protect health and safety from fracking. Last year the Colorado Appeals Court sided with the plaintiffs, ruling that the state government must prioritize health and safety when it comes to oil and gas. The state is fighting the ruling and the case goes to oral arguments on Tuesday October 16th

That same week ballots will be mailed out in Colorado. People will have the opportunity to vote Yes on 112 to create a 2500 ft buffer zone between fracking operations and schools, homes and waterways. With the state government failing to act it’s up to us the people. We’re taking the initiative to push back the frack and protect all Colorado communities from fracking.

We hope you will join us this Saturday! See you there!