Summary: Bills and regulatory actions related to climate policy and air quality since 2019 are listed below. Many of these were reviewed by the CCLC. The first link under each item is a short summary written by CCLC; the second link is to the full bill, report or executive order.


HB23-1210 Carbon Management

HB23-1210 Summary | Bill

HB23-1233 Electric Vehicle Charging And Parking Requirements

HB23-1233 Summary | Bill

HB23-1247 Assess Advanced Energy Solutions In Rural Colorado

HB23-1247 Summary | Bill

HB23-1252 Thermal Energy

HB23-1252 | Thermal Energy | Bill

HB23-1272 Tax Policy That Advances Decarbonization

HB23-1272 Summary | Bill

HB23-1281 Advance The Use Of Clean Hydrogen

HB23-1281 Summary | Bill

HB23-1294 Pollution Prevention Measures

HB23-1294 Summary | Bill

SB23-016 Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Measures

SB23-016 Summary | Bill

SB23-092 Agricultural Producers Use Of Agrivoltaics

SB23-092 Summary | Bill

SB23-198 Clean Energy Plans

SB23-198 Summary | Bill

SB23-285 Energy And Carbon Management Regulation In Colorado

SB23-285 Summary | Bill


HB22-1244 Public Protections From Toxic Air Contaminants

HB22-1244 Summary | Bill

HB22-1249 Electric Grid Resilience And Reliability Roadmap

HB22-1249 Summary | Bill

HB22-1345 PFAS Consumer Protection including bans in 2024

HB22-1345 Summary | Bill

HB22-1348 | Oversight of Chemicals Used in Fracking

HB22-1348 Summary | Bill

HB22-1355 Recycling Producer Responsibility

HB22-1355 | Recycling Producer Responsibility | Bill

HB22-1361 Oil And Gas Reporting

HB22-1361 Summary | Bill

HB22-1362 Building GHGs Emissions

HB22-1362 Summary | Bill

SB22-193 Air Quality Improvement Investments

SB22-193 Summary | Bill

SB22-198 Orphaned Oil And Gas Wells Enterprise

SB22-198 Summary | Bill

SB22-206 Disaster Preparedness And Recovery Resources

SB22-206 Summary | Bill


Governor Polis report on Greenhouse Gas Pollution Reduction Roadmap

Roadmap Summary | Final report

HB21-1189 Regulate Air Toxics

HB21-1189 Summary | Bill

HB21-1266 Environmental Justice Disproportionate Impacted Community

HB21-1266 Summary | Bill

HB21-1269 Public Utilities Commission Study of Community Choice Energy

HB21-1269 Summary | Bill

HB21-1290 Additional Funding For Just Transition

HB21-1290 Summary | Bill

SB21-246 Electric Utility Promote Beneficial Electrification

SB21-246 Summary | Bill

SB21-261 Public Utilities Commission Encourage Renewable Energy Generation

SB21-261 Summary | Bill

SB21-264 Adopt Programs Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Utilities

SB21-264 Summary | Bill

SB21-272 Measures To Modernize The Public Utilities Commission

SB21-272 Summary | Bill


HB20-1143 Environmental Justice And Projects Increase Environmental Fines

HB20-1143 Summary | Bill

HB20-1265 Increase Public Protection Air Toxics Emissions

HB20-1265 Summary | Bill

SB20-030 Consumer Protections For Utility Customers

SB20-030 Summary | Bill

SB20-167 Electric Motor Vehicle Manufacture and Dealer

SB20-167 Summary | Bill

SB20-204: Additional Resources To Protect Air Quality

Summary | Bill

Public Utilities Commission: Xcel Energy 2020 Transportation Electrification Plan

Summary | PUC Benefit-Cost Analysis

Air Quality Control Commission, Regulation 22: GHG Reporting and Emission Reduction Requirements

Reg. 22 Summary | Regulation Number 22


HB19-1003: Community Solar Gardens Modernization Act

HB19-1003 Summary | HB19-1004 Bill

HB19-1231: New Appliance Energy And Water Efficiency Standards

HB19-1231 Summary | HB19-1231 Bill

HB19-1261: Climate Action Plan To Reduce Pollution

HB19-1261 Summary | HB19-1261 Bill

HB19-1314: Just Transition From Coal-based Electrical Energy Economy

HB19-1314 Summary | HB19-1314 Bill

SB19-077: Electric Motor Vehicles Public Utility Services

SB19-077 Summary | SB19-077 Bill

SB19-096 Collect Long-term Climate Change Data

SB19-096 Summary | Bill

(2019) AQCC Regulation 20: Colorado Low Emission Automobile Regulation (CLEAR)

AQCC Reg 20 Summary | AQCC Regulation 20

2008 Executive Order:

Governer Ritter’s Executive Order ‘Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Colorado’

2008 Executive Order on GHG Emissions | Executive Order