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Sustainable Change is the Key to Our Future!

April 18 @ 7:00 pm 9:00 pm


Colorado and the Nation, as a whole, has painted itself into a corner where the need for sustainable change is becoming more critical every day. Colorado’s greenhouse gas pollution, air quality, and congestion continue to increase negatively impacting productivity, overall health, and the state’s quality of life. Some have embraced the need for change but far too many continue on their way consuming finite carbon fuels that deplete our ozone and pollute in so many ways.

Transportation, one of the biggest polluters, has an enormous impact on our lives, just as it has since the dawn of mankind. What was once the pristine air of the Rocky Mountains is now tainted by “the brown cloud” and poor air quality days. Changes to the way we travel and how we power our vehicles can have a great impact on our quality of life.
It is abundantly clear that minds, lifestyles, politics, and leadership must adopt infinite sustainable energy uses if we plan to leave any quality legacy to our children. When planned, adopted, and implemented, all will soon see that infinite sustainable energy is the only option we have for the future and our survival as a species and as a planet.

Infinite hydrogen, the most plentiful, non-polluting, universal, ubiquitous source of renewable energy offers change opportunities that can result in a better tomorrow. Unfortunately, change is difficult for most people. The United States, and especially Colorado, have been and are laggards in the renewable energy and hydrogen adoption distribution curve. Archaic tax-n-spend practices and fiscal favoritism plague the state’s infrastructure and massive RE potential. Europe and Asia have far surpassed the US in hydrogen adoption and presently employ multiple hydrail transportation technologies. Today, hydrogen is an “off-the-shelf technology” and is being adopted and used to power space vehicles, airplanes, trains, buses, cars, boats, motorcycles, homes, businesses, buses, forklifts, and more. It is plain and simple: transportation powered by infinite renewable hydrogen energy is possible today, is key to national security, has been possible for decades, and its planned gradual adoption is the only energy answer to the needs of a growing planet. Pursuant to a more efficient and economical hydrogen future, a non-monopoly, independent-RoW w/Microgrid&H2 pipeline system that is a multi-modal, hybrid, high-speed, hydrail transportation system solution is here today, ready for implementation in Colorado. Today, it is possible to implement a complete sustainable transportation infrastructure powered and underwritten by TWs of renewable solar and wind resources that generate infinite clean hydrogen power for the present and future!

This event will take place at The Alliance Center in Denver. Arrive early for a brief networking period before the main presentation. A live stream link is available for remote viewing. Here is the registration link.


Dr. R. Paul Williamson

Dr. Williamson is a 30-year transportation and renewable energy visionary, veteran, small businessman, technologist, program developer(100s), academic Dean & VP leader, educator, green licensed general contractor, conservationist, orchestrated the first US national satellite teleconference, first US H2 maglev passenger, sustainable home designer and builder, renewable energy author, USDOE and USDOTmaglev/Futures Park Lead, University H2 & renewable energy developer & researcher, and Certified Financial Planner.