Published in the Denver Post on December 31, 2016

Senator Ray Scott’s guest commentary and The Post’s editorial on December 24th run the limited gamut of Colorado power-elite thinking on climate action.  Senator Scott is an outright climate change denier, while The Post expresses support for Governor John Hickenlooper’s recent draft executive order, which addresses power-sector CO2 emissions only.

Both positions are flawed.  Scientists are clear about the grave danger posed by continued greenhouse gas emissions to civilization.  The fact that many deniers of anthropogenic global warming hold high political office in this state is a travesty.  On the other hand, Hickenlooper’s draft executive order — which would reduce Colorado’s total emissions just 11 percent compared to 2005 levels by 2035 — falls woefully short of what’s needed.

We need a state climate action plan that puts Coloradans to work building infrastructure and providing services to move us quickly toward net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.  Nothing less will suffice.

J. Kevin Cross, Fort Collins

The writer is spokesman for the Colorado Coalition for a Livable Climate.