Following is the final bill summary of the 2022 State Legislature for the session ending May 11: 

Last year we had 59 climate bills, this year we had 41.  The following is the status of each bill at the end of the session:

Wildfire/Disaster bills:

  • HB22-1007 | Assistance Landowner Wildfire Mitigation – Passed ; HB22-1011 | Wildfire Mitigation Incentives For Local Governments – Passed ; HB22-1012 | Wildfire Mitigation And Recovery – Passed ;SB22-007 | Increase Wildfire Risk Mitigation Outreach Efforts – Passed ;SB22-206 | Disaster Preparedness And Recovery Resources | Passed ;HB22-1225 | Sunset (Continue) Colorado Resiliency Office | Passed

What you need to know: We need a CO Resiliency Office to manage our response to disasters. These bills hand out piles of money for various prevention strategies and consolidates our responses into a single location/office. Also, we’re willing to spend millions of dollars to address the consequences of climate change but comparatively little to prevent it.

Microgrid Bills

  • HB22-1013 | Microgrids in remote/isolated/at risk communities | Passed ; HB22-1249 | Electric Grid Resilience And Reliability Roadmap | Passed

What you need to know: 1013 is a restricted implementation bill with little funding; 1249 includes microgrids in our GHGs reduction roadmap which allows for broad expansion.

Commuting Bills

  • HB22-1138 | Reduce Employee Single-Occupancy Vehicle Trips | PI’d(Postponed Indefinitely) ; HB22-1026 | Alternative Transportation Options Tax Credit – Passed

What you need to know: Business refuses to take responsibility for traffic congestion (1138) and pollution so we bribed them with a 20% tax credit.

Buildings Bills

  • HB22-1218 | EV Chargers in multi-unit Housing – VETOED ;HB22-1362 | Building Codes Reduce GHGs – Passed ; SB22-051 – Reduce Building GHGs with Heat Pumps (air and ground) & lower-carbon building materials – Passed

What you need to know: Combined with last year’s legislation, this set of bills pretty thoroughly encompasses methods for reducing buildings/materials GHGs and sets aside lots of grant funding for low-income/EJ communities. Required future buildings to be EV/solar/heat pump ready and multi-unit housing to have charging stations. Includes money to inform/educate/train builders/developers on green energy codes.

Waste Bills

  • HB22-1355 | Recycling Producer Responsibility – Passed ; HB22-1134 | Measures To Reduce Use Single-use Meal Accessories | PI’d HB22-1159 | Waste Diversion And Circular Economy Development Center | Passed

What you need to know: 1355 is considered best-in-the-nation; the proof is in the pudding (will producers pay to fund the program or just pay fines for not participating?) Also extends the life of last year’s waste diversion program and includes the ability to recycle hard-to-recycle components (electronics/building materials etc)

O&G Tax Bills

  • HB22-1391 | Modifications To Severance Tax – Passed ; SB22-026 | Oil And Gas Operator Property Tax Procedures | Passed ;  SB22-198 | Orphaned Oil And Well Enterprise – Passed

What you need to know: Just a bunch of admin-related Dept of Revenue severance tax issues required by a task force last summer. Reduces ad valorem credit (against their property tax bill) from 87% to 76%; creates a separate entity to manage the $10M/year regulated a few months ago for orphaned well management and allows us to quality for $25M this year in federal funds

O&G Reporting Bills

  • HB22-1361 | Oil And Gas Reporting – Passed ; HB22-1348 | Oversight of Fracking ChemicalsPassed

What you need to know: Compares estimated to actual emissions, volumes of O&G reported to the COGCC v the DOR; annual reporting of enforcement; reporting chemicals used in downhole operations and attestation that no PFAS is used.


What you need to know: Includes carpets, fabric, cookware, cosmetics etc., to encompass everywhere that PFAS is currently used with a no sale requirement beginning 2024 for everything but cosmetics, which will be 2025.

Air Quality

  • SB22-193 | Air Quality Improvement Investments | Passed ; SB22-138 | Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions In Colorado – Lost to a Republican filibuster! ; SB22-180 | Free RTD for 30 days during Ozone Season, Passed ; SB22-082 | Geographical Area Hazard Air Pollution Rule |  PI’d ;HB22-1166 | Incentives Promote Colorado Timber Industry | Failed via filibuster compromise

What you need to know: The 2 signature bills of this session were 193 and 138, both of which had multiple components. 138 failed but will be back next year.  193 includes ~$100M for electric schoolhouses (setting us up to receive federal funding from the Infrastructure bill) and e-bikes; reducing industrial emissions (but has programs like direct air capture, CCUS, and blue hydrogen – BOO), and aerial/ground monitoring of emissions. Replacing old diesel with new diesel trucks was removed, yay. 180 is for the month of August and only for 2 years, but includes Bustang, RTD, and light rail; if it’s not successful it will be abandoned. Last September the CO Energy Office announced the mountains have become a net emitter instead of a carbon sink, so the timber bill was going to pay half the wages of new hires and 20% of their equipment cost; better to convert to biochar in a future bill. 138 had agrivoltaics, climate risk assessments, soil carbon sequestration, injection well carbon storage, and phase-out of gas mowers/blowers/trimmers (2-stroke engines); again, will be back.

All of the Above Energy Bills

  • HB22-1140 | Green Hydrogen To Meet Pollution Reduction Goals | Failed in Committee ;SB22-073 | Alternative Energy Sources (little nukes) | PI’d ; HB22-1020 | Customer Right To Use Energy (ban on the ability to ban fracked gas) | PI’d ; SB22-118 | Encourage Geothermal Energy Use – Passed ; HB22-1381 | Colorado Energy Office Geothermal Energy Grant Program – Passed 

What you need to know: The signature goal of Republicans in the area of climate change is (always) all of the above energy.  Little nukes (SMRs) will be back cuz Xcel wants one in Pueblo; Green Hydrogen must come back next year to restrict/prevent the blue hydrogen boondoggle; geothermal supports ground-source heat pumps and common-coil for subdivision-wide heat pumps, 

Utilities bills

  • HB22-1018 | Electric And Gas Utility Customer Protections | Passed ;SB22-090 | Severe Weather Notifications To Utility Customers | PI’d

What you need to know: Xcel can’t turn off power to people after 5p Friday or on weekends, but they don’t need to warn us of the next TX snowstorm/brutal heat wave which jacks up our prices.

Just Transition Bills

  • HB22-1394 | Fund Just Transition Community And Worker Supports | Passed ;HB22-1193 | Fund Just Transition Coal Workforce Programs | Passed

What you need to know: Added another $15M (total now $30M) to compensate for reduced local taxes and provides $5M for coal workers to learn new skills

Pesticide/Pollinator Bills

  • SB22-131 | Protect Health Of Pollinators And People | PI’d ;SB22-199 | Native Pollinating Insects Protection Study | Passed ; SB22-158 | Species Conservation Trust Fund Projects | Passed

What you need to know: As with last year, the chemical and ag industries successfully fought off a neonics and Roundup-style potential ban, but at least we get to study how bad they are for Colorado’s native pollinators.

A detailed summary of each bill, divided into Energy, GHGs Pollution, and Climate Impacts is available at this link.

By Jan Rose, Legislative Analyst and Spokesperson