Some advice for Jared Polis

Published in the Denver Post on September 2nd, 2018

Re: “Polis heckled during drilling speech,” August 23rd news story

This is what Jared Polis should have told the Colorado Oil and Gas Association:

“Today I am repeating the message of nuclear physicist Edward Teller when he warned the American Petroleum Institute that emissions from burning fossil fuels create a greenhouse effect that will cause global warming.  The date was November 4th, 1959.

You have had 60 years to prepare for the transition that now must happen in the next decade.  The global warming Teller warned about in 1959 is here and it threatens our outdoor recreation industry.

I invite you to work with me to ensure we make this a just transition for the people in your industry and those who have borne the impact of fossil fuel pollution for the past 60 years.”

Harry Gregory, Denver



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